2020 Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid XSE

2020 Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid XSE

Autumn Leaves and a Rav 4 Please

2020 Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid XSE

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By: Julia Droz  Serafine and Cathy Droz – HER Certified

My favorite time of year is upon us.  Filled with cooler weather, pumpkin spice, sweaters and yummy food.  Us Phoenicians count down the days until we can actually start doing activities outside.  This includes outdoor dining, hiking, sports and my favorite family tradition of driving up North to see the fall foliage…all of this while social distancing and wearing our masks, of course.

I was super excited that I was given a 2020 Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid XSE to make our small, fun-filled trek up North.  The Rav 4 is the gift that keeps on giving.  The sleek exterior of the vehicle does not disappoint, and the features inside could be on a Christmas list.  The cabin is spacious and very practical for our large family of five.  The three girls fit comfortably in the back seat, with room to spare along with plenty of little storage spaces to fit all their “must come on this road trip†trinkets.  The cargo space behind the rear seat is amazing.  There was plenty of room to fit day trip necessities and some (a lot), but we had plenty of room the dog.  Did I mention the deck board is reversible?  Not only can you pull it out and lower it to maneuver two more inches of depth but flip it over to the rubber/washable side.  This makes an easy clean for muddy paws.

They hybrid is powered by a 2.5-liter four cylinder engine assisted by two electric motors that are for each set of wheels.  The Rav 4 is pretty quick and makes for a smooth ride.  As with most hybrids, it is very efficient compared to a gas-powered vehicle.  It will do approximately 41 MPG city and 38 mpg highway.  It is also very quiet, exactly what you want, when traveling with three existing noise makers behind you.

Something that I love for the 2020 Rav 4 is the weather package. In Phoenix, we are pretty consistent with our sunny days (snooze fest), but for all of my back east or up North friends, this vehicle has some special features such as push button start to warm it up, heated seats, heated steering wheel and wipers that will melt the ice off your windshield.  There is also tire control made specifically for ice and snow and when my East coast family and friends come to their senses and move out west, a simple push of a button to change that tire control to rock, dirt and sand mode.

The Rav 4 Hybrid XSE model also includes an 8†touch-screen, handsfree Bluetooth, phone and music, USB Media port and 4 USB Charge ports.  Wireless smartphone charging is also available, literally no excuses for not having a charged phone.  A few other features that come with the XSE model is the ability to change settings for the all doors to unlock with keyless entry, instead of just the driver’s side.  This is especially helpful since I’m usually inside the vehicle and the kids are still standing by their doors, screaming at me to let them in.  One less screaming session, the happier we all are.

Cruise control is your best friend on a road trip.  The cruise control on the Rav 4 is equipped to do lane tracing.  It will keep the car in your lane with a reminder every 15 seconds to put your hands on the wheel.  You can also design the car to space yourself appropriately between vehicles and will it work in any capacity whether city or highway.

Overall, the 2020 Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid is a fun family vehicle.  It’s made for roadtrippin’ or a night on the town.  If you are a serious adventure seeker, the Adventure Model that Toyota makes can tow up to 3,500 pounds.  Our trip up North was made very comfortable, thanks to the Rav 4, trinkets and all.  Go see your local Toyota dealer and test drive one for yourself.  I promise, you will “fall†for it!


For more go to www.toyotausa.com – Available at Camelback Toyota a HER Certified Dealership



Favorite Features:

  • Reversible cargo mat
  • Adjustable liftgate height
  • Lane Tracing Assist


MSRP as Tested $37,699.00



41 City

38 Highway

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