2021 Toyota Supra GR

2021 Toyota Supra GR


2021 Toyota Supra GR

By: Cathy Droz – HER Certified

When looking for a sports car, that is priced well and gets 32 miles to the gallon highway you might want to think about the Toyota Supra GR.

As an empty nester I had no problem driving to meetings or even the grocery store by myself. The cargo area was terrific for the few groceries I had, and one set of golf clubs fit perfect. It is when I picked up my business partner to go to an event, I had no place to put my purse. Once I had her put hers by her feet and mine on her lap, I remembered my younger self.

Over 50 years ago I bought a brand new MGB convertible.  I was newly married and wanted this eggplant sports car so bad, stick shift and all. I drove it to and from work and when my husband and I took it for a spin I just threw my purse in the trunk, put on a floppy hat and sunglasses and we took long trips with the top down.  Fast forward two years later when I was six months pregnant, and I couldn’t fit my belly and shift comfortably in the driver’s seat.  I sold it.  It fit my lifestyle then, but a large sedan shortly followed with child car seats and diaper bags.  It was fun, no regrets and a big part of my automotive journey.

The Supra had an awesome sound system which I did enjoy, and it was automatic, not that I don’t like a manual transmission now and then.  This red rocket’s performance showed off greatly with a 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo inline 4-Cylinder, 255 Horsepower with 296 lb.-ft of torque.  It was 8-speed with paddle shifters (very cool.) The GR includes some of the extras with about a $6,000 jump in price.

There are 18’ Cast Aluminum, 10-spoke wheels with Michelin pilot super sport tires.  You see, there is so much “sporty†things to love.  If you are concerned about safety the pre-collision system with pedestrian detect, lane departure warning and steering assist is extremely helpful.  This is something I didn’t have in the MGB.

I feel like everyone, if they can, should experience such a vehicle and Toyota’s Supra has a great price, styling, and technology.

For more about the Supra GR go to www.toyota.com

MSRP: $42,990

AS TESTED:  $47,615

25 city – 32 highway

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