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Becky is a storyteller at heart, having honed her craft by helping companies and brands tell their stories through brand development, copywriting, blogging, magazine writing, and crisis communications for more than 20 years.

She began reviewing vehicles when she was editor-in-chief at AAA Arizona, starting an automotive column for the club’s member publication – and figuring that test driving a new car every week sounded better than cruising around in her teal green 1995 Ford Aspire. Since then, she’s reviewed hundreds of vehicles, edited automotive content and written on a variety of automotive topics for HerCertified.com, AAA, Arizona Foothills Magazine, dealer blogs, CarFax, and others.

Three years ago, she founded Southwest Lifestyle Media, organizing an annual ride-and-drive event in Arizona that brings together manufacturers and local automotive and lifestyle journalists. Becky is also mom to Kaitlyn (19) and Luke (16), a newly-licensed driver, both of whom love to offer up opinions on vehicles and other people’s driving habits, which helps shape her perspective when writing reviews.

She currently resides in Scottsdale, with her husband, kids, and two dogs.