2020 Mercedes Benz CLA 250

2020 Mercedes Benz CLA 250

Mercedes Knows Best!

2020 Mercedes Benz CLA 250

By: Julia Droz Serafine – Cathy Droz

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Epic. Amazing. Regal. Perfect. Superior.  These are some of the words Mercedes’ owners use to describe their car.  After test driving the 2020 Mercedes CLA 250, I completely understand why.  A Mercedes is just not “any†car, it’s a way of life, an experience.  From the inside out, the CLA 250 is nothing less than the best.

We all know Mercedes makes beautiful vehicles and the CLA 250 is no exception.  The stunning Jupiter Red exterior paint of my four-door coupe caught my attention right away.  The design is flawless which made me excited to see the features it offered inside.  My two girls and I made our way into the vehicle, me jumping into the driver’s sport seat and the girls sliding into the back as if it were their own personal limo and me their chauffeur.

Instead of “mother knows bestâ€, its Mercedes knows best. The 7†touchscreen (which is available larger in a different model), displays main applications such as media and navigation, but it also has the capability to learn my habits such as what time I like to switch to my favorite celeb podcast, or what time I make my daily call to my mom to come get her grandkids.  It will make these suggestions while I’m in the car and with a simple “Hey Mercedesâ€, I can access and control features such as heat/cooling for the seats, climate control, ambience lighting as well as direction for the panorama roof’s sunshade.  My girls especially loved this because it gives them one more person to direct!

The coupe has powerful performance and a dream to drive.  The girls and I tested the new 2.0L Inline – 4 turbocharged engine while on our way to grandma’s house (over the sand dunes and through the desert to grandmother’s house we go!)  The wheels took the corners of the road seamlessly and Sofia and Gabby were so busy living their best life in the luxurious and spacious back seat drinking their Pierre, it didn’t even phase them.

Safety features on the CLK include the Driver Assistance system.  It features emergency stop assist, speed limit assist, bling spot and lane keeping assist.  Again, Mercedes knows best and that also rings true for safety.

The Mercedes CLK 230 Coupe can also be personalized with your own “themeâ€.  A driver can individualize their own his/her theme with specific lighting, climate and music.  A car that knows me better than myself…I’ll take it!

There are so many amazing features to list about the Mercedes, but unfortunately, I can’t fit them all in my review.  Go check them out personally at your local Merced dealer.  Remember, Mercedes knows best!


Favorite Features

  • MBUX including Artificial Intelligence (Mercedes-Benz User Experience)
  • Multimedia package
  • Driver Assistance System
  • Emotional and Dynamic exterior design


MSRP (as tested) $42,195.00



25 City

35 Highway

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