2019 Fusion Energi Titanium

2019 Fusion Energi Titanium



2019 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium

By: Julia Droz Serafine


The Serafine household is filled with confusion on a daily basis. It can range anywherewidth=300from homework assignments to who does what chores on what day of the week. Piano lessons, girl scouts, soccer, ballet and working at our coffee shop on Saturday mornings, even with a calendar on the wall, leads to misunderstandings. We’ve actually made confusion a lifestyle, sort of the new normal. So if there is any way to simplify our life, well, mostly mine, sign me up! That’s exactly what the 2019 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium has accomplished! First of all, the Fusion only comes in one model trim level. I would like to thank Ford for not bombarding me with several different models and trim levels that would leave me in a further state of confusion. This happens to me all the time with the kids…they even get called the dog’s name! (What were we thinking naming the dog Holly?) Ford makes it easy and simple, just how life decisions should be (wink, wink).
width=300Even though the SE Luxury and Platinum trim levels have been dropped, the Fusion still has well-equipped features. For me and my party of five, the most important feature is the cabin space. The Fusion definitely is equipped with plenty of room for five adults or in my case, a nine-year-old with five different purses with her at all times, a seven-year-old who is attached to her unicorn pillow, a five-year-old who has to take everything paw patrol with her when we leave the house and a linebacker for a husband. width=300

Not only is the cabin roomy, but I found the placement of the interior instrument display very user-friendly. The controls are clearly labeled and everything is done pretty much at a glance or by voice, which thanks to today’s technology, my kids figured out how it worked before I did! The Fusion is also very functional with its lane-keeping system/alert, rear view camera, reverse sensing system and voice-activated navigation. A lot of these features are only available on a higher trim model on other brands of vehicles, and at an increased price. This is the least confusing vehicle we’ve driven which comes with a reasonable price.

Saving the best feature for last, the annual fuel cost. Anywhere I can save my family money is a bonus for me. Of course, actual results will vary, but based on 15,000 miles a year, combing electric and gasoline, you are looking at an annual fuel cost of only $750.00! The combo of electric and gasoline gets you 103 MPGe. That’s a lot of trips to ballet and back.

width=296The ride itself is very sturdy. The Fusion accelerates quickly which I need getting on and off the freeway when the exit comes up quicker than anticipated. I also enjoyed the quietness of the car while driving on the highway…my kids must have been at home! The exterior of the car is sleek and shimmering like a unicorn Gabby remarked. It has a nice look to it from past models and this midsize gas saver gave me a luxury feel even when the kids were kicking the back of my seat.

The 2019 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium is a no-nonsense vehicle. It’s straight to the
point, an easy drive and leaves the driver super confident with their choice of car. Definitely, no
confusion here!
MSRP: $38,085.00
Price of Model Tested
$36,085.00 – Includes Fusion Energi Discount
Note: This is a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Electricity-Gasoline

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