2021 Mustang Mach-E

2021 Mustang Mach-E


2021 Mustang Mach-E


By: Cathy Droz

I was excited to hear I was getting to test drive the all-electric 2021 Ford Mustang MACH-E AWD muscle car. My first car was a 1967 Ford Mustang, where I fell in love with the pony medallion and the exhaust tunes. I’ve test driven Mustangs for Ford over the years, and they are cool, but the thought of an all-electric Mustang (crossover) had me planning a Sunday scenic day trip with my husband. I thought how nice to be in a quiet vehicle for 211 miles per full charge.

The car is awesome, with touches of Tesla immediately apparent in the uber large 15.5 inch screen. The interior itself far surpasses some of the other Ford products of late. It is being compared to the Tesla model Y but Ford promises the 480-hp GT Performance Edition will get Mr. Musk’s full attention.

The ride was smooth, as I tested it on long stretches of good road and not so well-groomed pavement. The cabin was quiet, except for me talking out loud while looking for the next charging station on our route. I really liked the button actuated doors, but my husband did not. The cargo area was nice but when I think of a Mustang, I think sedan not Crossover, but it works.

I believe Ford is testing the Mustang with their digitally connected-vehicle technologies. This is where your phone is the car’s key (don’t fret there is a keypad and a fob). The app will be able to locate charging stations, plan trips, monitor battery level and provide software updates. According to what I’ve read, The simplicity makes the charging experience as seamless as Tesla but not as fast.

Well, hold your horses (lol)! I enjoyed the car but not the lack of charging stations. We planned a round-trip adventure to Bisbee, Arizona, which is 209 miles one way. We planned to drive 100 miles, locate a charging station via our large-screened companion, charge up while having lunch and continue our trip. As we approached the 75-mile mark we noticed the low battery indicator, so we frantically searched for a closer spot only to find out that the nearest Ford Dealership was closed on Sundays. The next closest location was behind a nail salon, in a strip mall, where we were limited to 25 minutes. We charged up in hopes of getting to the next designated station.

Now we were on pins and needles hoping we make it to the large outlet mall which had 15 charging stations. We plugged in and came back an hour later. We started to wonder if we were doing something wrong or if the 211-mile quote was dependent on no climate control, phone charger, high winds, stop and go traffic or us breathing inside the vehicle. We also realized that the infrastructure outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area was not ready for the Electric Mustang or even an Electric golf cart. The city of Bisbee had one charging station and we needed to be a Hotel guest to access it. There was no way we were checking in to the hotel to charge up. Needless to say, the return trip was equally nerve racking as we stopped at a Walmart to find all six charging stations out of order. We made it back to the outlet mall charging stations as I clutched my AAA card in my sweaty palm.

We planned a day that would start at 10 AM and be home by 4 PM. We started out on time but got home at 9:30 PM. The Mustang was quick, with nice exhaust tunes and easy on the eyes, but the lack of charging stations along the way made me think that gasoline cars might be around just a little bit longer.


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Five-Passenger Crossover

MSRP: $49,700

AS TESTED: $56,200

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A charging kit for use in your garage is included with the Mustang

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