2019 Ford Edge ST AWD

2019 Ford Edge ST AWD


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2019 Ford Edge ST AWD

By Melanie Droz Shawcroft

What do you do during all of these rainy days in the Valley? You take the 2019 Ford Edge ST AWD for a spin to the mall where you and your husband and two children can play for hours while staying dry – similar to the drive in the Edge.

Of course, the Edge performed well in the rain. With its 2.7L V6 Ecoboost engine and 8-speed auto transmission, this Ford had some pickup. A little faster than the racing car the boys rode for 20 seconds that cost one dollar. The rain-sensing wipers kept us safe and the wiper activated headlamps kept the road clear. The LED fog lamps and ST performance brake package were also perfect for our adventure. I was itching to get back in the Edge after seeing the boys in the blue racecar at the mall.

The pet store is always one of my favorite places to visit, and the Ford Edge provided plenty of space for us to bring home that Mastiff. With hands-free, foot-activated liftgate, it would be easy to get our new friend in the Edge, and with leather-trimmed seats, dual-zone automatic climate control and heated rear seats, this new puppy would definitely ride in style and comfort. It was important to get out of the pet store before the Mastiff became a reality, so we were off to the trampoline next.

The trampoline at the mall is Berrett’s favorite activity, and he was finally brave enough to do a back flip. With the 10 bungee cords and all the harnesses, it is hard to believe it took him so long. That contraption is nearly as safe as the 2019 Ford Edge. The trampoline, similar to the LATCH child safety system in the Edge, is missing the multiple airbags and SOS post-crash alert system. If the trampoline had the Edge safety features, we may have been able to keep our 2-year-old Spencer on for more than 12 seconds.

Next on the agenda was the play area followed by the train ride around the mall. Although the children’s play area is entertaining, it is truthfully too many kids in a confined space going 90 miles per hour which almost always leads to a crash. The 2019 Ford Edge could survive the chaos with its lane keeping system with alert, pre-collision assist with AEB, rearview camera and reverse sensing system. Without these crucial features, Spencer took a knee to the head and had to be carried crying to the train in order to cheer him up.

The train ride was a blast for the boys – all three of them. We ended our day with the carousel which can almost always make me nauseous. Not nearly the smooth ride of the Edge. In that 3-minute carousel ride, I surely missed the 10-way heated driver and passenger seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise and audio controls and the bucket seats with suede cloth seat inserts. The ostrich moving up and down going in a circle was just not the same.


Of course, we grabbed some ice cream on the way out to enjoy in the Edge on our way home after an exhausting day. We sure did enjoy looking out through the panoramic vista roof with ambient lighting and listening to the SIRIUS XM. It was a fabulous rainy day spent at the mall, but the relaxation, safety, and convenience of the 2019 Ford Edge ST AWD made it the best ride of the day.

MSRP: $42,355

ST Package can go as high as $52,125

Day at the mall: $50

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