2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve AWD

2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve AWD


by Julia Droz Serafine


When you hear the name Lincoln, what are your first thoughts? President Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska, Linkin’ Park ? (I know it’s not spelled the same, but a very cool band.) What about Lincoln being used to describe someone or something very awesome (urban dictionary term). It’s a real (urban) definition and seems fitting to describe the 2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve AWD.

width=300This car is so Lincoln. The lines are beautiful and the look is super chic. It’s being compared to an Audi or a BMW; only the price is more attainable for families that are looking for a sedan with luxury and style. Many of the standard features on the MKZ are extra on the other models I mentioned. Since I’m a detail oriented person, I notice the little things that make a huge difference to me when selecting a vehicle. For example, chrome door handles, dual exhaust system with chrome tips and LED tail lamps are standard on this model. Anything that shouts, I’m different like the Reserve with top of the line leather and trim with an engine that this unique to Lincoln. It’s a 3.0-litre twin turbocharged V6 that delivers 400 horsepower. The final detail that makes it for me is the Active Park Assist which can find its way into parking spots without the driver steering. It’s like doing my daughter’s hair and not adding a bow to match her outfit. Trust me, a bow can make or break your look…even in second grade.

width=300Being that it is a Lincoln, I wasn’t at all surprised to see there are a lot of available options such as adaptive cruise control and an awesome audio system that is really enjoyed by three Disney-loving theme songs enthusiasts! If you are feeling like you may need that extra touch of luxury, you can opt for the Ebony Driver’s Package. This includes, aluminum pedal covers, carbon fiber accents and multi-color seats that can be customized (my colors are blush and bashful).

Glamorous is a plus, but performance is a must. The 2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve offers a 3.0 liter V-6 that offers 400 horsepower…to my girls, that just means we get to school a lot faster. The MKZ also boasts at 2.0 –liter hybrid engine for all of my environmentalists. Having this option can give you the best of both worlds!

I remember visiting my grandparents in Sun City, AZ. It seemed like everyone over 65 was driving a Lincoln Town Car or Lincoln Versailles. Now I visit out there and don’t see town cars but rather Lincoln Continentals, MKC, MKT, MKX and Navigators. Lincolns are not just for grandparents.width=300

Overall, this vehicle is beautiful (especially the grille) and performance is great. Lincoln has done a superb job with this model putting it on the higher-end luxury page. There is a lot of competition when it comes to an affordable, luxury sedans. Lincoln seems to have lived up to its name and expects to outshine the rest. It may cost a pretty penny but Lincoln is on each one.

Price of Vehicle Tested: 53,405.00

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