2016 Scion iM 5 DR Hatchback

2016 Scion iM 5 DR Hatchback

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by Melanie Droz

Sleeping in the Scion

The new trend with my generation of young families is camping, caravanning, glamping… staying out in the wilderness with little protection from nature. I do own a 2-person tent that I registered for when I got married 8 years ago which has only been used once by someone else, but I do not have a camper, RV or trailer, so I rarely get invited to these excursions. However, despite my pathetic excuse for equipment, I finally got the call! The 2016 Scion iM would be the perfect vacationer for my nephew’s 5th birthday party – camping in the backyard.


smoresSome of my friends bought their mobile homes at over $40,000, so I definitely showed them up with the 2016 Scion iM starting MSRP of $19,995. Besides saving on the price of my Scion camper, I am sure their gas-guzzlers cannot beat 28/37 city/highway mpg. This 5-door hatchback allowed us to pack up our camping gear in the Scion iM – the gently-used tent, our lantern that has only ever been used inside, a “Mickey Mouse†sleeping bag and, of course, everything one would need to make S’mores. On our way to the backyard camping birthday party, Berrett not only asked every 5 minutes when he could light the marshmallows on fire, he was also fascinated by the rear-view backup camera system in the Scion that prevented us from running over the “Cars†guitar that neither one of us know how to play and decided to leave at home.


Boy, were we glad we brought the Scion. Once the sun went down, after the chocolate melted on the S’mores, the 2-person tent was just not cutting it. After everyone else was snug (tight) in their tents, we snuck out to the roomy Scion iM, swung open the hatchback, threw down the fold-flat rear seats, and crawled in with our lantern and sleeping bags. We warmed up quickly with the dual-zone auto climate control system and, on the 7†inch touchscreen display, streamed via Bluetooth Wireless a few nature sounds (to keep it real) through the 6 speakers in the 2016 Scion iM. It was the best camping experience I have ever had.


Well, it definitely makes sense now why I am not often invited to camp. I am a comfort, safety and luxury kind of gal, which can only be offered by the 2016 Scion iM 5-door hatchback. Just like the fast-growing trend of camping takes over my generation, the Scion will also take over 2016 as the fastest-growing car brand.

To learn more about the Scion iM 5, visit scion.com.

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