2016 Mini Cooper S Convertible

2016 Mini Cooper S Convertible


by Melanie Droz Shawcroft

Top Down Memory Lane

After recently becoming a mother of two boys, my SUV has become a mom mobile filled with car seats, a stroller, diaper bag and backpack. It was such a well-deserved break from reality to have the 2016 Mini Cooper S Convertible – I felt like a young twenty something still living it up in college for the week with a 2-door sports car.

With TwinPower turbo engines by BMW, the Mini Cooper is quick. I could fly through town and complete all my errands without having to lug the baby and his seat out at each stop. I will admit I looked in the backseat multiple times to grab him out of habit and noticed how spacious it was – plenty of room for a car seat. However, the Mini Cooper packs quite the punch (2.0 Liter, 4-cylinder with turbo charging and direct injection), and setting the performance to Sport allowed me to experience that all by myself.

I definitely got a ton of items checked of my to-do list, but all of my errands were so momish – I picked up diapers and filled a prescription. Now, it was time to experience the Mini Cooper as a real youngster. I put the top down on the Melting Silver Metallic Mini Cooper S and got that baby going 0-60 in 68 seconds. I blasted music from Spotify using the dashboard display – the 6.5 screen also allowed me to use the navigation to find my way to the nearest brewery. I think that is what we used to do in college. I called a few friends using Bluetooth to meet me there; I managed to get one to join me since the others were home with their kids.


On my way to the restaurant, I set the convertible top to half-open, like a panoramic sunroof since it was feeling a bit chilly. Shortly after, I received an alert through the app from the Rain Warner feature letting me know rain was on its way, so I closed the top just in time as I used the parking assistant to squeeze into one of the last spots in front of the brewery. It literally takes control of the wheel and told me what to do as I snuggly fit the mini cooper in. I was shocked more college students weren’t in class at this time of day. Although I did enjoy all the eyes on me as I stepped out of the sleek convertible.

My friend and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch – turns out I couldn’t actually have the brew since I am breastfeeding and the baby probably would not appreciate that, and drinking and driving is forbidden when testing cars. However, I did bring home several samples – with 25% more cargo space than the previous model, the 2016 Mini Cooper S has folding rear seats and 5.7 cubic feet of space which was plenty for the samples I was taking home and the two new pairs of boots I picked up on the way. These were important college-like errands I had to complete.


After a long day without my boys, I was admittedly happy not to be in college anymore, return to my reality and come home to the smiles on their faces. When I pulled in and my 5-year-old son yelled Mini Cooper (since it is one of the first cars Mimi taught him), all I could do was tell him to jump in, put down the top and go for a quick ride around the block. After all, with the active rollover protection bar, 6 dual-stage airbags and advanced break, I felt super safe with my kids in the 2016 Mini Cooper S. Family car/college car – this convertible has it all. Starting at $29,600, the 2016 Mini Cooper S is affordable for any stage of life, so live it up and experience all life has to offer.

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