2016 Lincoln MKX

2016 Lincoln MKX

by Julia Droz Serafine

“Mom Bun” and the 2016 Lincoln MKX

Are you looking for a vehicle that has style and yet kid friendly? Maybe a vehicle that does not have “minivan mom” written all over it? How about a beautiful ride that still allows for a “date night” appearance even when the car seats are still visible in the back row?

As the mother of three girls under the age of six, I’m always looking for a ride that looks like I’m still in the corporate world, and has all the creature features for my real vocation, “mother.” Well, look no further… I found the answer, the 2016 Lincoln MKX. It has style and functionality which makes transporting the kids easy and actually fun.


The interior of this SUV looks and feels enormous, but you won’t feel like you are driving a huge semi around town. Seating allows for plenty of room to direct that irksome middle child (Gabby) or your in-laws to the back. The space allotment between the first and second row is remarkable, leaving so much “activity space” without feeling the youngest (Ava) kicking the back of my seat every five minutes… very rare in a midsize luxury SUV.

Along with the interior being roomier than the previous MKZ model, it has dual zone climate control, for the always cold oldest girl (Sofia) and the hot blooded always excited Ava. I love the leather upholstery as it’s easy to clean up any of the juice box drinks gone wild. You should also appreciate the active noise cancellation (which is a plus if you have a new teen driver), heated and cooled 8-way power front seats and 10-way driver memory, which is helpful to me after a day with the girls. What memory?


The panoramic vista roof adds a much needed amount of outside beauty into your hectic inside world. The split grille adds class and makes a statement about the determination I have when driving to school, the park, gym or downtown to have lunch with my husband. Even if your ride isn’t as smooth as Matthew McConaughey in the TV commercials, at least you look the part.

By the way, thank you for the extra room in the console to fit my purse… finally, it’s not being tossed on the floor when I slam on the brakes. Speaking of brakes, the safety features on the Lincoln MKX are something to brag about. According to Edmunds.com, in a government crash test, the 2016 Lincoln MKX received an overall rating of 5 stars out of five which includes, but is not limited to, total frontal impact and side impact protection.

The optional driver assistance package includes lane departure warnings and lane departure intervention, forward collision warning, and mitigation with automatic braking (pedestrian detection). There is a driver drowsiness monitor which is an outstanding feature for people who work night shifts like doctors and nurses or me when trying to break up a fight in the backseat.

julia-bunThe last feature I will point out may seem trivial to some, but any woman who knows how long it takes to create the perfect “mom bun” for themselves or their girls will be happy to know that the driver and passenger side headrests tilt at the perfect degree so we can drive comfortably without having to redo our “bun” and not always wear a baseball cap. BRILLIANT!

Overall, the 2016 Lincoln MKX has plenty of features that come with its base model such as MyKey, voice activated navigation system, and reverse sensory system. It’s a luxury mid-size SUV and it speaks volumes. It’s a fantastic family car with up to par safety features and plenty of storage. The base model starts at $47,650. Added features can move the price into the 60’s, but it’s worth it.

Check out this model on Lincoln.com.

• Pricing starts at $47,650
• Vehicle tested: $$63,275
• MPG – City 17 / Highway 24
• Mom Bun – 45 seconds

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