2014-2015 FORD F-150

2014-2015 FORD F-150

High Heels Tough – 2014-2015 Ford F-150

MelanieBy: Melanie Droz Shawcroft

I am a big fan of Ford – my sister-in-law worked several years at El Cajon Ford, I drove two Mustangs when I was younger, my husband owned a Ford Ranger and an F-150, I am obsessed with the Flex and I am contemplating purchasing a Ford Escape. So, it was a pleasure checking out the new 2014-2015 Ford F-150,which definitely lives up to theBuilt Ford Tough standards.


I don’t even have enough toys or terrain to truly test drive the new F-150, so it is a good thing that Ford does this for its customers, as they shared at the Ford F-150 Durability Forum this summer. It has already exposed the toughest truck yet to millions of miles of real-world and simulated durability testing. This truck has been through extreme heat and cold, high humidity, mountains, steep roads, frozen lakes, off road and extreme towing. Ford even used a robot to slam doors and tailgates and drop heavy objects into the bed of the F-150. Going through this 5-day test is equivalent to 10 years or 150,000 miles ofextreme driving by the roughest and Fordtoughest of customers. That would not be me, but I was definitely the envy of all the men in my life who were eager to get a glimpse ofthe all-new 2014-2015 Ford F-150.

It is easy to see why the Ford F-150 has been votedAmerica’s Best-Selling truck for 37 consecutive yearsandAmerica’s Best-Selling vehicle for 32 years.I am sure this 2015 model will follow suit, especially being700 pounds lighterand not losing any strength or capability. The strength is in themilitary grade aluminum alloy and high strength steelwhich is even recyclable. The capability is in the fact that the F-150 accelerates, brakes and resists corrosion like never before. Along with the2.7-liter EcoBoost engine with 325 horsepower, 375 lb-ft of torque, a max payload of 2,250 pounds and 8,500-lb max towing, the 2014-2015 Ford F-150 offers 11 new smart features– I bet you were thinking this truck was all brawn and no brain. You were mistaken.


Many of these new smart features were showcased at the F-150 Durability Forum. I specifically appreciated the new8-inch LCD productivity screenlocated in the instrument panel. It has updated truck application and allows the driver to pick the most often used screens to display. I was able to check trip mileage, fuel usage, oil life, transmission temperature and much more. I also cherished the360-degree camera viewsince the truck is a lot bigger that the Honda Fit I currently drive. With this feature, I was able to get abird’s-eye view of the truckwhich was will behelpful in parking the truck.


The bed and tailgate of the 2014-2015 Ford F-150 have some new key options that will definitely win you over. There areintegrated loading ramps stowed in the bed which make it easy to load an ATV or motorcycle. I may not have use forthat feature, but I definitely enjoyed theremote tailgate release. All I had to do was use thekey fob to drop down the tailgate, and I could easily load the back with groceries, my bike, the lawn mower and much more. I can’t wait until I have a trailer to load up on a truck like this –the F-150 comes with Trailer Hitch Assistwhich includes a rear view mirror that uses the steering wheel angle to help line up the truck and trailer without requiring a spotter in the back. This would definitely be the truck to get once I have the toys to match

FordWithout the toys, I still enjoyed theLED headlightsmaking nighttime driving visible, the side view mirror spotlights and the400-watt power outlets. The 2014-2015 F-150 also features underseat storage, the seating for up to 6 and an optionaltwin panel power moonroof.Like I said, Ford was kind enough to test the durability of the new 2015 Ford F-150, and I was lucky enough to be among the first to check outeverything it has to offer – tough, capable, smart and good looking – I will gladly test drive that kind of vehicle and in high heels to prove a point. Built Ford Tough for both men and women.

*The 2015 Ford F-150 is set to release late this year. The price has not been determined yet and the fuel economy is projected to be the most efficient F-150 yet.

For more information on the 2015 Ford F-150go tohttp://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/2015/

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