2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe

2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe

The Three In One BMW

Let’s go golfing in Palm Springs this weekend I heard from the upstairs bedroom. Since I’m not married to Freddy Couples or Sergio Garcia I was a bit puzzled, yet intrigued. Actually, it was my husband’s voice, declaring that since I had been working so hard lately I deserved two days of golf, two nights at a hotel and meals prepared by someone other than me. That sounded nice, but somehow I knew there was more to this than golf and quality time with me.


When I looked out my front window to check the weather, I caught a glimpse of a BMW test car in our driveway. I then realized his desire to take me to Palm Springs for golf and relaxation had more to do with driving the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe to and from Palm Springs, than improving his handicap or saving me from cooking a meal.


I’m always open for an adventure, so while it didn’t take much to convince me, I agreed to take this trip. As we prepared for this excursion, my initial thoughts focused on how to fit two golf bags, two suitcases, cooler, golf shoes, hats, laptops, books and miscellaneous items you tend to bring when you drive and not fly to your destination. The 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe is seemingly three cars in one, a sedan that provides room for four adults, a sport coupe look and feel and the versatility of a 5-door hatchback. I was pleasantly surprised, and thrilled when I discovered the split fold down rear seat, when laid down completely flat, allowed us to pack all our gear and suitcases, with room to spare.


So, with packing complete, we began our journey to Palm Springs. I settled in to the driver’s seat and was instantly aware of the beautiful Coral Red Dakota Leather seats. With extra stitching on the steering wheel and the coolest of details on the doors and center console, I felt like I needed a pair of shoes or handbag to match. Red is my favorite color and it was the perfect complement to the Metallic Blue exterior.


I adjusted my seat and steering wheel, and made myself familiar with the various features such as the climate controls, the glass sunroof/moonroof, and the AM/FM/MP3 player audio system with HD radio and the cool factor, the paddle shifters. I also found the USB connections and the hands free Bluetooth with audio streaming. Of course, there is the idrive that some people love and others not as much. I like it and find it easy and safe to use. For any of my readers who don’t know what it is; here is the Cathy version: iDrive (i stands for intelligent) features a single toggle controller (similar to a video game or dial on a safe) seven keys, putting your CD player, radio, telephone, navigation and a responsive main menu just a safe touch away. Useful and dependable, the iDrive system integrates some of the best of the BMW brand, from a powerful external GPS antenna to a glare-free Control Display all wrapped up in one spot. The result is the ultimate in convenience, safety and security.


I played the sounds of the 60’s on both legs of the trip! After all, I was visiting a town known for the Rat Pack and spacious half-century ranch homes like Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent purchase. A perfect combination of my love’s…. the 60’s music, road trips, red shoes, ranch style homes, golf, my husband and a BMW.


The driving experience of the BMW is incomparable; where the cup holders may be scarce, the power and acceleration is the key. The 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe I test drove had a 2.0-liter, 16-valve, and inline 4-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo engine with high-precision direct injection or let’s just say it hauled. There wasn’t a truck I couldn’t pass with ease, a muscle car I couldn’t keep up with, and an exhaust sound I heard that could compare to the 428i Gran Coupe when I revved the engine at the intersection of Bob Hope Drive and Frank Sinatra Way.


I finally agreed to let my husband drive the last half-hour to the resort. He wanted to look all in control and cool when he pulled into the hotel entrance and unloaded our golf clubs. One thing I noticed in Palm Springs is that the parking lots are filled with a large number of nice, expensive cars and SUV’s. There were plenty of BMW’s but not quite as blue as mine, which garnered a lot of attention with people stopping me to ask questions about the car and the price. My response was simple; this model starts at about $40,000 and worth every cent.


We played two different golf courses, one at a local club and the other that surrounds the JW Marriott. The course at the Marriott was very picturesque and much more challenging than the first one, so my husband figured he could beat me by 20 strokes. I told him if he beat me he could drive the BMW all the way home. It was amazing how serious he became, asking me to drive the golf cart while he studied the course map and carefully measured yardage for himself. Maybe he was Freddy Couples!


Our getaway was perfect; we played two days of golf, enjoyed a few good meals including a tuna salad sandwich shoved down my throat between the 9th and 10th holes on the Marriott property. Even though most of our trip was spent driving to California and back in the BMW 428i, we considered the time in this vehicle a vacation in itself.


Additional Packages
MSport $3,500 – Cold Weather Package 950.00 – M Sport Brakes $650.00 – Side and Top View Cameras $750.00 – Drive Assist Package $950.00 – Dynamic handling package $1,000.00
My Test Vehicle – $52,300.00
Miles Per Gallon – (23/city – 34/highway) – I averaged 29 MPG

For more on the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe go to www.BMWusa.com.

Photos by Cathy Droz

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