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2014 Volkswagen *Tiguan SE with Appearance

By: Melanie Droz Shawcroft

I am not sure if Volkswagen designed the Tiguan with 2014_Volkswagen_Tiguan_SE_with_Appearance_3816119mothers in mind, but this compact crossover SUV was a perfect test drive for this mom of one. Although the 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan is suitable for any demographic, I am going to name it one of my favorite mom cars. Since 4.1 million women gave birth in the last 12 months, I don’t think it’s a bad audience to target.

VW Tingun Glamour ShotOf course, safety hails number one on my list when selecting a vehicle as one of my favorite mom cars. The Tiguan does not fall short of much-appreciated safety features. It has an Intelligent Crash Response System, crash-optimized front end, a best-in-class roof strength rating and advanced safety cage. I am certain not even a cage would keep my rambunctious 3-year-old boy out of trouble, but I am convinced that the leading-edge technology and construction of the Tiguan will keep him protected.

VW Tingun insideThe ultimate safety item in the 2014 VW Tiguan SE with Appearance is the Car-Net Safety Telematics System. This system includes automatic crash notification, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle location and remote vehicle access for when your 3-year-old locks the door and the keys are in the car. You can download the app and control features like remote vehicle access from your smart phone. This system also has geo-fencing which allows parents to set boundaries for teenage drivers. Moms everywhere should consider the Tiguan as a first car for their teenager since it allows you to hold on to just a little bit of control.VW Tingun Front Seat

With several warranty options and 24-hour roadside assistance, the 2014 VW Tiguan put safety first. VW even offers carefree maintenance which allows scheduled maintenance services found in the booklet to be covered at no charge for 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Moms love a vehicle that is not high maintenance, and we love a vehicle even more when it comes at a good price. I just spent an hour online trying to find the best deal on Disney Planes toys, so an MSRP of $23,305 is right up my alley. I may even consider splurging on the SE with Appearance which has an MSRP of $29,620.

I have definitely decided that the 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan is one of my favorite mom cars and 3-year-old APPROVED!

Another top item on my favorite mom cars list is* comfort and convenience. The heatable front seats, black leatherette interior, the keyless access with push button start and the touchscreen interface that comes with the SE with Appearance model were all comfort and conveniences for mommy, but let’s be honest – it is all about keeping the lovable rascal in the backseat content, and the Tiguan was definitely able to do that. He was obsessed with looking out the 12.7 square foot panoramic sunroof pointing out every plane and cloud, he loved watching me back up into a parking space so he could see the rearview camera system and he spent many hours dancing and singing along with the Fender premium audio system – he asked me to turn up the Sirius XM, change the 6-disc CD changer, hook up the iPod in the Media Device Interface (MDI) and call his dad every 5 minutes using the Bluetooth. The 2014 VW Tiguan definitely kept both of us busy and entertained.


There are several other perks of the Tiguan that make it secure a spot on my favorite mom cars list. We could drive all around town with good fuel economy – 21 GOTG Berrett before cutcity mpg and 26 highway mpg -  between taking Berrett to school, the movies, a visit to see Mimi and Papa and soccer practice, we need efficiency. We need power too in order to get us there on time. The Tiguan comes with a 2.0L TSI Turbocharged in-line 4 cylinder direct injection engine. With front-wheel drive and 18†alloy-wheels with all-season tires, this crossover SUV has it all. Like I said, it is not a bad idea to aim to make the mothers of the world happy; after all, we make most of the decisions, and I have definitely decided that the 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan is one of my favorite mom cars and 3-year-old APPROVED.


  • Tiguan comes from the combination of two words – Tiger and Iguana

  • Appearance Package -  Car tested $29.620

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For more on the VW Tiguan go to http://www.vw.com/models/tiguan/

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