2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium

2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium

Ford Energi and Estrogen

Electric cars have been a part of America’s automotive scene since the 1800’s, actually outselling all other models in 1899-1900. The country’s first hybrid was invented in 1916 by the Woods Motor Company. The 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium Hybrid carries on that noble tradition.Ford Fusion Estrogen Photo

34This Plug-In Hybrid, while much costlier than the standard Fusion, gives its owners the best of both gas and electric operation along with charging options. The batteries can be recharged with either a 240V home charging station, or via 120V plug in. The Fusion with a full tank of gas and fully charged will give you a range of 550 miles, making this truly a car that has it all. Add to that the ability to accelerate up to 85 mph, and fuel economy of 100 MPG and 43 MPG gasoline only, creating an average savings of $6,750 in fuel costs over 5 years!

I know this sounds strange, but the first thing I feel I can compare this Energi Fusion to is estrogen. Women go through menopause and sometimes lose the energy they’ve possessed years prior. We needed it to chase around children,  multi task and keep boyfriends and husbands in line.  There comes a time when we ladies need to plug in to some extra*(hormones) to keep going; like the energizer bunnies we see in commercials. Back to the Fusion.

Now fuel economy and a concern for the environment aren’t the only reasons to consider a Fusion Energi.  This vehicle is beautiful to behold with its sleek European styling, including the signature Astin Martin grill, and the clean lines don’t stop with the exterior.   Using quality finishes and efficient design, the interior of the Fusion Energi will not disappoint! 


Consider these features; 7 color choices of ambient lighting, Sony Dolby Surround Sound, 3 memory settings on the driver’s seat, heated and cooled seats, (needed during menopause ) quiet passenger space, Sync MyFord touch screen control (Navigation is available for $795.)

Ford Fusion Energi Plug In

The handling is responsive, even though the suspension is stiffer than the Ford Taurus.  This is a quality that I personally prefer, but you should determine if its right for you with a test drive.  With all of the positives the Fusion Energi offers, there are two important considerations, price and trunk space!

35At an MSRP base price of $40,500, this model may be out of the realm of possibility for certain buyers.  The pay back is in fuel costs and charging options, and if that is of premier importance, then the price tag will be inconsequential.  The other item, trunk space, is considerably limited in this version of the Fusion.  This is the price that is paid for having charging options.  To make up for this decreased cargo space, the rear seat folds down, allowing odd sized items to be transported.

Ford Fusion Energi TrunkMy week with the Fusion Energi was impressive, with its classic European design and its interior comforts. Ford’s forward thinking design team has a winner on its hands, and I didn’t get any hot flashes the whole week

*The author is by no means recommending estrogen to women, see your doctor for advice. She is however recommending a test drive of the Ford Energi Titanium

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