2014 Ford Fiesta SE Hatch

The word “Fiesta” means “party” in Spanish, a celebration, a reason to enjoy oneself.  If Ford was looking for a word to best describe this small hatchback with the newly added Aston Martin grille, they got it right!  The Ford Fiesta is a party each time you drive it, sit in it, or fill up at the gas station.

My first experience with the 2014 Ford Fiesta SE hatchback was at the Phoenix Auto Show in January of 2014. [/color-box]

It was fun driving to the Auto Show, into the cargo area, and checking out all of the new features.  Late this spring I received one of these models to test for myself, getting a better feel for all of the changes in this 2014 model.  Let’s start with the exterior; first and foremost is the aforementioned Aston Martin Grille, giving the Fiesta a very classy leg up on the other brands in this class.

I was testing a model with a manual transmission, which isn’t for everyone, but it makes a sporty little car like this even more fun to drive.  The suspension is rather stiff, adding to the sport car like feel.  I find these two features are perfectly in sync in a car that has stellar maneuverability, and is a dream to park.  Naturally, the Fiesta’s small size adds to its fuel economy: 27 city / 38 highwaySalsa and ChipsAnother new feature is the upgrade to MYFord  touch screen.  While this is smaller at 6.5” than in their larger models, it is a welcome addition to the surprisingly classy interior.

Navigation is available as an upgrade.  The MSRP base price is $16,050.00, making it within reach for anyone who desires to drive around in “party mode.”

Some of the advantages of the Ford Fiesta you don’t realize while test driving is … how easy it fits in your garage,  cloth seats with heat (not that you need it in Arizona) and last but not least is the ability to position the large rear facing child safety seat and get my rear in the car at the same  time.


Now if you think that was fun check out my newest test car.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Let’s fast forward to summer 2014 and delivered to my door is the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST.  OK males, here is one of those small cars that guys don’t mind driving and here is why:  The Ford Fiesta ST is an absolute must-drive for anyone thinking about the current group of hatches that are cool.  This hatch has a base of $22,000 (bigger party chips and salsa).  It is less expensive than brother Focus ST but down in power as well but balanced with the right amount of power for this FWD.  Again this one is a stick shift and although I have a hard time shifting and sipping latte’s the sound of the exhaust during that shift time is pretty slick and covers the sound of me sipping the hot latte.


The ST has a 1.6 L turbo which is powerful and easy to drive with plenty of torque when needed.  The steering is light, but sharp and precise.  I turned the corners of the parking garage at Sky Harbor yesterday and I felt like I was back on the track with Porsche from the week before.   Stats state 197 horsepower, 214 lb-ft of torque and 0-60 time of seven seconds. To add to the fast and furious sensation the ST comes with * Recaros look seats which were a bit restricting for me but then I’m not Mario Andretti.

The exterior is young and playful with a touch of aggressive to match the Recaro Seats and the interior is easy to manage with MyFord Touch infotainment center.

I’m always amazed at the room in the back seat.  This may be sporty and for a trendy single person but four adults fit just fine in the ST.  I was picked up at the airport by two adults and one child in a large safety seat and sticky fingers.  I fit my luggage in the cargo area and taking off from the curb like a bullet.  No one expects it, which makes it so much more fun.

Take your pick on the Fiesta’s either one is great, enjoy the Party!

Ford Fiesta ST Seats

  • Recaro Seats:  This is a German company known for their automobile bucket seats.  The company can produce OEM racing-style seats for mainstream manufactures. Some of the recipients of these racing seats include Aston Martin, Audi, Ford Escort RS, and the Beetle.  They are also known for their airline seat designs, child safety seats, boat seats and other products.

Whatever seat you choose, Ford has your Fiesta.

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