2014 Audi A6 2.0T Quattro Tiptronic

When a beautiful ice silver metallic Audi A6 materialized in my driveway on delivery day, the first thing I thought was Where can I take this that is cool enough for such a car? Lucky for me I already knew the perfect outing… a local Scottsdale resort for a girl’s sleepover/spa mini-vacation! Yes, this little baby was going to feel right at home in the underground garage of the Montelucia Resort! While I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Audis before,I was a bit puzzled by the Tiptronic moniker. Turns out, this refers to the trademarked 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox that allows a driver to change gears from fully automatic to manual faster than you can in a car with a manual transmission. Now we know!2

I belong to a group called The Empty Nesters. We are group of couples that met (through the women) over 30 years ago when our children entered kindergarten. Ten couples, thirty years, 30 children and now a total of 40 grandchildren. Can you see why we deserved a Spa weekend!!! Not only did we need the break, it was to celebrate Rhonda’s 60th birthday.


One thing you just have to love about the Audi is this-they use the same materials in their $45 K cars as they do in their $120K autos.So, whether you choose one of their entry-level models, or the highest end of their offerings, you will find the quality materials and workmanship that Audi owners have come to expect. Case in point, the wood inlays and gauge cluster are classy, while easy to read. The simple knobs, with many on the console, are within easy reach. For me, the feature that makes the driver’s area feel the most like a cockpit is the color screen that comes up when the ignition is turned on. While this may seem high tech, the system is very user friendly, making it simple to adjust the driver controls to your liking.

Driving the Audi, staying at the Montelucia Resort and Spareally made me feel I was in Europe. Something about a Spa and a bunch of women and driving a German car with no husbands around was a real getaway or fantasy.

audi_q5_2.0t_premium_quattro_tiptronic_2014_dashboard_dashboardIf only you could take this out on the autobahn, you would be able to test the torque and acceleration of the 220 hp engine. Combined with great ABS and brake assist you would still have a very safe ride, even operating it at full throttle. The superb handling and smooth, quiet engine add to the driving experience. I could hardly hear the engine as I pulled into the resort’s parking garage. While the A6 interior is certainly classy and elegant, the storage space in the glove box and console is a bit on the petite side. That said, storage capacity shouldn’t be much of a consideration when the A6 offers so many design and handling amenities. This car came equipped with a Bose Sound System (a $650 upgrade) that is worth every penny in my opinion. The snazzy interior lights on the console certainly added to the ambiance of the interior, just as the specialized lighting in the Joya Spa at the Montelucia did. That said, this feature should be checked out before purchase, as it may be a bit much for some.3

If you are buying this class of vehicle for the engineering, safety and reputation, I doubt that the gas mileage will be of much concern, but the A6 is rated at 20/29. As tested, this Audi carried an MSRP of $53,845 ( a base price of $45,200). Some of the upgrades to this car were the parking system, Audi connect with online services, Audi MMi Navigation, and the sport package with 19 wheels & shift paddles. All of this luxury adds up to a classy ride, and I was sorry to drive it away from the resort and my day of escape and pampering with my girlfriends.

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