Distractions While Driving

Distractions While Driving

The Distracted Mind – what are we paying attention to while driving?

This video was extremely insightful on the human mind and how distracted we really are when talking on the phone.According to TEDPartners, who partnered with Toyota to make this video, the human brain is not wired to do more then one complex task at one time. Yet, we continue to have a variety of distractions in our vehicles such as our ipods, navigation systems, and of course our cell phones. However, we don’t just use the cell phones to talk, as many people text, check email, navigate destinations, and get on social networks while driving. The video explains that we are 4 times more likely to crash while talking on the phone and 24 times more likely to crash while texting on the phone.

Infographic-Mental-Distraction-Rating-SystemAs many campaigns have jumped on board spreading awareness about this danger, and law enforcement has gotten more strict about cell phone laws, it’s about that automotive experts and bloggers become proactive in doing our part as well. Let’s not wait for one unfortunate accident to make us realize how dangerous this is. We all need to stand together and take action, spreading the word. We should teach our family, friends and colleagues to do the same. As technology advances, our minds become more and more distracted from our normal day-to-day personal lives. So the question remains, have we given up on our regular lives to enjoy virtual ones?

Check this video out at http://ed.ted.com/on/Lj5N4g31

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