If Only They Were High Heels Certified

If Only They Were High Heels Certified

If OnlyThey Were High Heels Certifiedâ„¢

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Here is a true story froma woman whoread my book and wanted to share her car buying experienceswith us.

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Why I didn’t buy… Judy Slack
I had earned the opportunity to upgrade my company car. Yay, for me. Driving home after picking up my young children from day care, I popped into a convenient dealership to see what type of vehicle might work for me. I was driving a late model minivan with a top of the line interior package.
With three children ages 8 and under in tow, I asked to look at some full-sized vans and to know what the conversion options were. The salesperson asked few questions as we walked over to the vans. I explained that this would be a purchase by my company but that I had the option of what type of vehicle to get.
When we got to the vans, the salesman opened the doors to one and suggested I sit in the driver’s seat. He opened the sliding door to allow my kids to see the inside. Being excited, they hopped up inside and, as kids do, picked which would be their seat if we got that van. The salesperson immediately told the kids don’t touch anything and didn’t quite reprimand them, but sure put a damper on their excitement. He was more focused on what they were doing in the back than answering my questions about options, gas mileage, etc.
So, I decided this wasn’t the right time, the right salesperson, or the right dealership for me. As we left, the salesman said, Why don’t you have your husband come back with you and leave the kids at home.
Not only did I not go back, I wrote a letter to the sales manager about my experience, telling him why I would not purchase my company car from that dealership. I ended up going to another dealership, asking for the fleet manager, and being treated like royalty. I continued going to that dealership for service and to get my next two vehicles (one personal and another company vehicle).


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