24 June 2016
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2016 Scion iM

24 June 2016, Comments 1

by Melanie Droz Shawcroft San Diego – Shamu – Scion When the heat really hits Phoenix, we head for my in-laws house in San […]

25 March 2016
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2016 Scion iM 5 DR Hatchback

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by Melanie Droz Sleeping in the Scion The new trend with my generation of young families is camping, caravanning, glamping… staying out in the […]

28 July 2014
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2014 SCION tC

28 July 2014, Comments Comments Off on 2014 SCION tC

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…. THE SCION tC Just in case you were wondering, Scion means descendant or heir. Therefore, I decided to go for a […]