2020 Jaguar IPace Electric

2020 Jaguar IPace Electric

2020 Jaguar IPace Electric

Leaper Gone – Electric Engaged

By:  Cathy Droz

Maybe you thought Tesla was the most luxurious all-electric vehicle on the market?  I think that Tesla has made a name for itself with a sleek style, a home screen the size of your laptop and personalized  charging stations that appear to have become gathering places for latte sipping executives and energy conscious surgeons.

I test drove the All-Electric 2020 Jaguar I-PACE EV 400 HSE. The exterior of the Jaguar has a different look than my Jaguar from the 1980’s.  Those were the days  when I could proudly park my car anywhere  and when I returned I still had a Leaper as a hood ornament.  Times have changed and so has the design and technology on this $90,000 vehicle.   The I-Page Jag did get a lot of attention on the road and at the Helicopter Hangar as well.  A futuristic look with some very cool details you will see in the video.

With a 200-mile radius I needed to charge when I had 37 miles remaining.  It was easy to pull up the closest charging station ( located on a normal size screen.)  One morning I charged for a little bit at the Hilton Hotel by my house and then on Sunday, for fun charged at the Penske  owned Jaguar Land Rover of North Scottsdale dealership … and they were happy to oblige. I had so much fun with this car but I must admit I was constantly looking at how many miles I had left.  Charging stations are not a plentiful as in California and I do miss the Leaper.   For more on this vehicle go to www.jaguar.com.


  • Dual Electric Motors w/90kWh Battery Pack
  • 394 Horsepower 512 lb-ft Torque
  • All Wheel Drive
  • JaguarDrive Control w/selectable driving modes
  • 20′ Wheels w/Tire Repair System
  • Fixed Panoramic Roof
  • Windsor Leather Seats
  • Heated Split Fold Rear Seats
  • Meridian Sound System
  • Apple Car Play etc.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limits

* Puddle Light with Jaguar in lite circle ( see video) * Favorite Item

WINNER – 2019 World Car Awards – Car of the Year, Car Design of the Year, Green Car

MSRP: $80,900

As Tested: $86,226

Fuel Economy – 80 City 72 Highway Combined 76 MPG

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A car with the seat back up and the rear seats folded down.
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