2019 Chevrolet Traverse AWD High Country

2019 Chevrolet Traverse AWD High Country

2019 Chevrolet Traverse AWD High Country


By: Julia Droz Serafine

Traverse: to pass or move along. To go to and fro. If this definition doesn’t accurately describe my life, I don’t know what does. My girls will tell you, “move it along, kids!†is my favorite thing to say…that and a few other choice words that I will not disclose in this article! I’ve been dying to have the opportunity to test drive the 2019 Chevrolet AWD High Country (highest trim of the lineup) because I know it is the perfect fit for my family of five.

The girls keep us busy with activities throughout the year so we need the space for flinging stuff in and out of the car as well as flinging them in and out of the car (I mean, having them get in and out)! The Traverse is a fantastic midsize SUV that is able to accommodate our girl scout cookie selling, ballet dancing, soccer practicing, piano playing, karate chopping and the proverbial “can you take me here†asking craziness of a brood.

Not only is the exterior sharper looking than ever, but the room inside is what sells it for me. The interior of the Traverse High Country boasts second-row captain’s chairs (my favorite feature of all time) and has three more inches of legroom, third row 60/40 split bench, power fold that is excellent for transporting all of those cookies that we are totally selling and not eating (wink, wink). It also presents more legroom than its competitors, the Pilot and Highlander. Lastly, the enjoyment of having a fixed rear skylight for your third-row passengers to keep them busy while the second and front row passengers enjoy the SkyScape power sunroof. Now that’s a crowd pleaser in this family.

Technology is not short in the Traverse by any means. It has a 7 inch, easy to use touchscreen which is adaptable to an android or apple phone. If you are in the High Country, it carries an 8-inch touchscreen which means less squinting for me. Which means less botox. which means I’m already saving money! And I may be getting ahead of myself, but the Chevy’s Teen Driver System will definitely come in handy with my middle child. She’s only seven, but when the time comes for her to drive, it will let me track the car, notify me if it’s in an accident and the best part, I can set a limit to the stereo volume. I’m such a mean mom!

The standard engine of the Traverse is a 3.6-liter V6 accompanied by a nine-speed automatic transmission. Trims come with standard front-wheel drive or you can opt for AWD.

The highest trim of the Traverse, High Country, comes with all the top goodies and has a special all-wheel-drive system with auto-locking rear differential, along with automatic high beams, panoramic sunroof, cruise control, and interior leather upholstery. This model though can only be had with all-wheel drive. Between the roominess of the car and the smooth drive, I definitely believe this will be my

next purchase. I’m impressed with the variety of trims Chevy has to offer in the Traverse which means finding the right fit for you and your family will not be difficult. So the next time I say to my girls, “Move it along, kiddos!â€, maybe they won’t hesitate as much if they’re getting into the Chevy Traverse.

Starting at: $30,600

As Tested: $49,590

Thin Mints: $5.00

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