2017 Subaru Outback Limited

2017 Subaru Outback Limited

by Julia Droz Serafine

G’day Mate

G’day Mate! I’m pretty sure you knew that was coming once you saw OUTBACK. After all, I am writing about the 2017 Subaru Outback, so it fits the name. However, Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster M45, or “The Seven Sisters” (one of whom tradition says is invisible – hence only six stars in the Subaru logo), which in turn inspires the logo and alludes to the companies that merged to create FHI, the mother company and owners in Japan.

For this review though, I’m going to make believe we’re talking Australian Outback. I also feel that this mid-sized wagon deserves an aussie-some (awesome) comparison because if you are looking for a vehicle that has the confidence to go off road and the comfort for everyday activities… I’m thinking the Subaru Outback! Where else can you be off-roading all day in the outback and then pull up to the Ritz Carlton Hotel (the tallest building in Melbourne, Australia) and feel right at home.


I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Australian Outback and someday, when the youngest is out of diapers, we will certainly make the trek. But for now, the closest I have to this dream; is an Australian Shephard puppy that loves to chew, three little girls that bounce around in the backseat of my car like a bunch of kangaroos, and occasional visit to Outback restaurant. I guess that works for now.

I’m not what you would call the “outdoorsy” type. I prefer glamping to camping and my hiking trails are usually paved with concrete and a water fountain every ½ mile. I do however love the idea of being able to explore beyond the highway, and not on foot.

I think the Subaru Outback “wagon” appearance and functionality will appeal to “crossover lovers.” Its higher clearance makes it easy to get over rocks or even deep snow (speedbumps, in my case). And the lower roof makes this 5 foot 2 inch Mama very happy for any loading or unloading of my gear, a.k.a. a stroller, pack- n- play, and boxes of diapers! The inside of the Outback makes for a comfy fit and the base model comes with the standard essentials. The Limited (which I drove) includes a 7.0 Infotainment system with Sirius, SUBARU STARLINK Safety Plus, Leather-trimmed seats and steering wheel, Moon roof, heated front and rear seats and 60/40 fold-down/recline rear seatback.

Subaru is known for its safety. The NHTSA, has given five stars all around based on similar vehicles. The safety features (which are most important to mothers) include, but are not limited to reverse automatic breaking and automatic high beams as well as the very cool Eye Sight suite of accident avoidance tech. Good onya!

While the four cylinders outback takes a little time to get up to speed, the Subaru Outback still makes for a comfortable ride. The girls seats do fit a bit snug in the back and the rear doors do not open as wide as the front, so it does take a bit of work to get my little koalas back there. However, worth the squeeze.

Overall, the 2017 Subaru Outback Limited is what Aussie’s would call fair dinkum. What you see is what you get and it doesn’t cost big bikkies! With a base price of $25,645.00, you will definitely want to give it a fair go.

For more on the Subaru Outback visit subaru.com/learnmore.

MPG: 25 city 32 Highway
Cost of Vehicle Tested: $35,260 (Limited)

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