2017 Nissan Rogue SL AWD

2017 Nissan Rogue SL AWD

by Cathy Droz, Founder – HER Certified

Moving with the Rogue

We recently moved, totally downsized for the second time. Each home holds memories so when you leave you realize that things are just things and it’s the people you shared those memories with in that abode live on in your hearts. Even when I closed the garage door the last day, I thought about all the test vehicles that shared shelter in our home over the years.


Since both my husband and I work full time out of our home, the move took more than just one day of a moving truck and a few volunteer relatives. We chose to move slowly so we rented a cargo van and put the 2017 Nissan Rogue SL AWD to work.

The new and improved 2017 Nissan Rogue was a great choice to help us move. There have been some very noted improvements on this model, especially in style. The V-motion grille was added, the headlights are more visible and the fog lights are in L-shaped insets. Enough change I suppose that when I was having the car washed, one of the managers asked me what model Nissan it was? He washes a lot of cars and knows makes and models, he was surprised but pleased when I said “Rogue”! I enlightened him further letting him know the Rogue was getting a hybrid in about 90 days.


On the inside there is a sexier steering wheel and a leather boot around the shifter as well as some other sort of race-like touches. The most outstanding feature (in my estimation) of this size SUV is the third row of seating. It is one of the few compact SUV’s that offers it. That increases the seating to seven which is a big help with small families and in my case extra seats to use for my fragile items.

It doesn’t end there with why this SUV was my mini moving van. The second row folds in a 40/20/40 split fold. Now if you don’t have the three rows of seating option I had, Nissan offers a cargo-organizing system with l8 adjustable variations. This SUV is a multi-purpose vehicle.

nissan-perfumeI was able to place and transport 9 lamps, a perfume bottle collection and two vintage cut crystal vases in one trip. The next trip was used to take my clothing and shoes from my closet (that was more than one trip). We took the Rogue back and forth (we only moved 7 miles away) over 30 times. There were times I veered from the pack, like the “Rogue “I am, and did a little shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond; adding more packages to my already chock-full Rogue.

The Nissan Rogue is a great vehicle; I just don’t think enough folks have it on their shopping list. The 2017 really stood out this year and right in time for the Star Wars film ROGUE ONE. Coincidence or was the force with them timing it right.

I took a photo of the Rouge on the last day before I had to give it back. I took it to the top of the mountain, in my new neighborhood, overlooking North Phoenix. I was both exhausted and apprehensive but mostly grateful I was “Moving with the Rogue”.

Bonus – Our garage is smaller than others we’ve had in the past and the Rogue fit perfect while our other car we had to leave in the driveway.

25 mpg City
32 mpg Highway
Annual Fuel Cost – $1,350
Starting at $23,820
Vehicle Tested – $35,475
Money saved using Rogue to Move – $900.00

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