2016 Infiniti Q70L

2016 Infiniti Q70L


by Julia Droz Serafine

Infiniti and Beyond

Pre-kids, I was the owner of a beautiful, lipstick red, Infiniti G35. This sporty machine got me a lot of looks and a few warnings about the local speed limit. When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest child Sofia, the first thing to go, other than my waistline, was my G35. I loved that little machine so much, but I guess fitting three car seats, let alone one, was not going to happen. So my husband and I did what many new pregnant couples do, we shopped for a practical vehicle. Hard to believe, but I went from a G35 to a minivan. Yep!

Now the minivan is gone and as the kids are getting a bit older, (clear throat) and myself, our taste is changing, perhaps something a little more “sedan friendly.†Something with the kids in mind but classy and sassy. How nice for the children to get into the back of the car without needing a “lift†or a knee to climb in. How I long for a day where I can say “get in girlsâ€â€¦and there they are, sitting all in a row, hands to themselves, no screaming or yelling.


The kids may be a hot mess for a while yet, but I found the car that meets my current criteria. The 2016 Infiniti Q70L is just the ticket. Yes, it’s a sedan and it is gorgeous with sleek lines and beautiful body style. The driver and passenger seats are beyond comfortable with incredibly soft to the touch upholstery. It’s like finding that perfect mattress; soft yet firm. Everything is created for the driver, as if the car was built around you, something I need to feel when driving kids all day. Not a detail was missed, including the I-Key which remembers the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and side-view mirror positions, as well as last climate, audio, and navigation system settings. This is a blessing because at 5’2 and always running… I don’t have time to adjust everything after my 6’1 husband was in the driver’s seat.

There is also quite a bit to boast about in the second row or (backseat). We’re talking nearly 6 additional inches of legroom compared to the standard sedan. This gives those little ones a lot of activity space and more breathing room for me. I’m able to put the diaper bag on the floor in front of the baby’s child safety seat and get it out without ripping the bag or taking Ava’s legs off when doing so. A sedan may not be a typical “young family†car, but the 2016 Infiniti Q70L makes you feel like you’re not on top of one another with plenty of trunk room for the extras.


Safety First! Being a parent, safety is obviously a key component when choosing a vehicle. Infiniti is known for their amazing safety features on their standard models, but the upgrades are well worth the price. I like to think I’m an excellent driver, but between singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and practicing spelling words, things can happen! Here are just a few of the options; Backup Collision Intervention, Blind Spot Warning/Departure, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning/Prevention, Intelligent Cruise Control, Distance Control Assist, Intelligent Brake Assist… and many more. The lane departure warning prevention is awesome and it has helped me in a few unforeseen driving situations when I’ve tried to multi task while driving.

The Infiniti Q70L is a luxurious car. It is a transition car for that family with older kids who may be out of car seats or the parents that are looking to get out of the family minivan or SUV. It has a lot of room and a lot of class and the best part is; I haven’t gotten any warnings in six years.

MPG: 16 city – 24 highway
MSRP: starting at $51,340
The “L†Stands for Long Wheelbase
Test Vehicle: $64,550.00
For more info go to www.Infiniti.com
Coulter Infiniti of Arizona is a HER Certified dealership since 2014

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