2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

by Cathy Droz, Founder – HER Certified

The Guy Magnet Car

Alfa-Romeo---Cathy-License-RestaurantWe’ve all heard the term “Girl Magnet†right? It might be in reference to guys who drive their red Corvette or Ferrari at high speeds when passing a group of women… maybe it’s the guy who flashes his bank roll at the bar or talks about his boat in Newport Beach and his ranch in Montana. Sometimes it’s just a guy with a charismatic personality, great sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye. You might remember or know that guy from High School, College or the workplace. Heck you may be that guy.

Well finally, even at my age, I’ve found the perfect answer to attracting men of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, tall, short, have the body of Megan Fox or the face of Jennifer Lopez. The answer is DRIVE an Alfa Romeo. Throw out those 5 ways to meet a man touted on twitter, and instead I suggest you take an Alfa Romero out for the day and hope you can handle all the attention.

I can’t remember the last time I was honked at so much, received “thumbs up†from all ages and genders, or had cars pulling next to me begging me to roll down my window so they could say something. But the best were the videos men and women were taking down Scottsdale Road, on their phones, as I drove by them. Every time I left a light, stop sign, or pulled out of a parking space the exhaust sound made everyone look… but most of all it made me feel extraordinary, it made me feel like my hard work had paid off and I deserved this Italian stallion of a machine.

Five Reasons a woman should own an Alfa Romeo:

  1. Getting in and out of the car will shorten the number of squats you do at the gym
  2. The roar of the exhaust enhances your confidence level
  3. It’s an automatic so shifting in heels is not an issue
  4. Parking is easy, and for backing up, any man will help wave you in to your spot
  5. You can afford it … starting at $55,000


After driving the white Alfa Romero 4C through town, getting whistles and high fives from men and women alike, I stopped at a luxurious resort in Scottsdale Arizona. The out of town guests, employees and valets starting asking a million questions, all wanting to sit inside or have their photos taken with me, my friend Cathy B. and the car. We finally settled in to have dinner at Pasta Brioni (Italian of course) in downtown Scottsdale. Dinner was great, but the Italian waiters kept looking out the window at the Alfa Romeo and complimenting us on our fine taste. As you can see by the photo, it didn’t take them long to adorn the car like a piece of jewelry on the neck of a beautiful woman.


All you really need to know about the Alfa Romeo 4C is it can go 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and reach 160 mph. If you are looking to be economical, it gets 34 miles per gallon. You can also save money when shopping for yourself or your home, as the “trunk†barely holds a tote for an overnight stay or in my case just my hair blower, makeup and two pair of red heels. This may seem funny, but the whole time I was driving the Alfa I felt I was living the dream, I felt a little Italian, very confident and very rich. When I returned the car I started to imagine how Cinderella must have felt when her coach turned back in to a pumpkin. The exact next day driving down the same road, no one gave me a second look, beeped their horn or wanted a photo with me. Unlike Cinderella, no prince charming will search to find the auto journalist who lost their Alfa Romeo. That’s Okay; I experienced more than most, I had 48 hours of driving a “Guy Magnet.â€

Alfa Romeo 4C and Spider Convertible – Starting at $55,000 Vehicle tested $72,295.00

I might suggest…

Purchase a backup camera after market and if taking a trip with a friend, send your luggage ahead and carry a small purse. Other than that ladies, go test drive one at your local Alfa Romeo dealership then buckle up for safety and lots of dates.

Please Note:

The Alfa Romeo 4c was courtesy of Alfa Romeo and Fiat of Scottsdale –General Manager Coye Pointer – My handler was Chris… 855 528 9980. There was no compensation or barter for this review.

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