2014 Infiniti Q60S Convertible

2014 Infiniti Q60S Convertible

2014 Infiniti Q60S Convertible – Going Down Memory Lane

It has been years since I owned a vehicle that was only two doors and even longer since I owned a convertible. In high school, I drove a convertible Ford Mustang and a Honda CRX, and I even got the pleasure of driving a 2-door Chevy Lumina in a beautiful blue when I was in college. Needless to say, the stylish 2014 Infiniti Q60S convertible was a real treat to drive this week. It made me reminisce about my glory days and escape the reality of being an adult.

Of course, the first thing I did was get cozy in the Q60S convertible 10-way power sport driver seat and with the push of a button, put down the hard top convertible. It was so simple. I recall, in the Ford Mustang, I had to pull a lever with all my might and wait approximately 7 minutes before the soft top made its way into the trunk. Luckily, Phoenix has convertible weather in the middle of January and the Q60S has multi-level heating passenger and driver seats for the chill in the air, so I hit the road with a list of my favorite high school hangouts.


Of course, I had to start my venture by driving by the old stomping grounds. Thunderbird High School, Class of 1998, held some monumental years in my life. I remember getting to school early and backing up the convertible Mustang in a parking spot amongst my friends so that we could loiter for about 15-20 minutes before the first bell rang. It was much easier backing into a spot in the Infiniti with the rear parking sensors and rear view camera. Since school was not in session, I turned up the 13-speaker sound system which includes speakers in the headrest. I remember listening to Power 92.3 back in the day which played hip-hop, but now I was searching for 94.5 Cool FM which is Phoenix’s fun oldies. Either way, I felt the bass in the 2 subwoofers and the quality of the Bose premium speakers and sound system. As I drove past the soccer field where I spent many of my afternoons, I blasted the satellite radio 90’s station which was playing a little Spice Girls.

I wanted to hit a few of our favorite lunch spots and late-night eating hangouts, so I hit the gas of the 3.7L 325-horsepower V6 engine and sped my way around town like we used to do for our 30-minute lunch breaks. No wonder most campuses are closed for lunch now. I do wish I had the Q60S back in ’97 so I could have been to Barro’s Pizza in no time, going 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. I will admit that I received much more attention pulling up to Eriberto’s (our Friday-night gathering spot) in the Infiniti then I ever did in the Honda CRX or Chevy Lumina. It could have been the 19-inch alloy wheels or midnight black grille or the 35-year-old woman jamming out to R.E.M. ordering a bean and cheese burrito.


I decided on a final stop to Great Skate – more of a middle school hangout but definitely worth stopping by. I surely had to use navigation to find the place since it had been so many years since my last visit and I think it was a big, yellow school bus that took me there previously. I used the remote keyless power door locks as I left the Q60S in the parking lot and opened the door of Great Skate to find the same smell, music and lighting from years ago. It was a surreal trip down memory lane.

After driving all around town, the low fuel level warning lit up – with 16 mpg city and 24 mpg highway, I definitely got my mileage worth. You will certainly get your money’s worth as well if you purchase the 2014 Infiniti Q60S convertible for a base price of $50,850. Not only will you get to soak up the sun with the convertible, drive down memory lane through the satellite radio and surround system, but you will most positively feel safe doing it.

I did have an adventurous time test driving the 2014 Infiniti Q60S convertible pretending to be young and hip again, but I would safely put my husband, 3-year-old son and English Bulldog in this vehicle, if I can get them all to fit. With the height adjustable passenger seat, my 6’2 husband would fit snuggly in the passenger seat. With the power rear seat easy entry, we could easily use the child seat anchors to secure Berrett’s car seat in the back, and Slim could easily fit in the trunk. I am kidding – I would never put the dog in the trunk even though the Q60S has remote trunk release, a trunk light and an emergency interior trunk release. Kind of hard to pass up.

You can buy or lease the Infiniti Q60S Convertible at Coulter Infiniti, a High Heels Certified Dealer.

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