2014 Geneva Auto Show

2014 Geneva Auto Show


Volvo cars and trucks are a household name in Europe, especially Sweden. In Sweden, mom might say to Sven, “Here are the keys to the S60, please pick up your little sister.†Here in the USA, the equivalent would be “Hey Joe, here’s the keys to the Camry, can you drive yourself to practice?â€

Volvo is high-end, safe and well designed vehicle catering to a select clientele with very high standards. Are you a present or future Volvo owner?

Volvo S60 2014 Geneva Auto Show The Future Snapshot for Volvo

The 2014 Geneva Auto show again showcased the upcoming changes both in technology and design. The biggest news was the introduction of Volvo’s new infotainment system, a new option across the brand’s model range. It is called Sensus, in which the system uses a seven-inch touchscreen display that can even be operated with winter gloves. I can see why in Sweden or Minnesota that’s a big deal.

Volvo’s sources say the driver who connects a 3G or 4G phone can use the Sensus system to browse the internet…of course not while driving. Like other infotainment systems, Sensus also provides streaming audio through internet music sites like Pandora.

In 2014 the Volvo S60 will see a major change; a front end facelift which includes a new grille and daytime running lights. It will also have new colors to choose from as well as new interior surfaces. All the models will also see some modifications and innovations. Volvo never stops making their vehicles safer, sleeker and more stylish.

The Best of 2013 for Volvo

That’s all good for next year but we’re still in 2013 and I want to compliment Volvo for what I think was one of the best video TV commercials in the auto industry. Just when you are finally able to pronounce Jean Claude Van Damme’s name he disappears for ten years. Then one day, carrying his AARP card he proudly does a split between two Heavy Duty Volvo Trucks.

The Jean Claude Van Damme split video quickly went viral with 48.5 million views in nine days setting a record in the auto industry. All of a sudden Jean Claude is getting TV and movie offers he hasn’t had in 20 years. It also reintroduced Volvo’s image as a technology leader to 48.5 million people.

Letter from the President

2013 Volvo XC60 SUV safe pet cage_300

“Doc†resting in the Volvo XC60

After my recent article on SmartFem, 2013 Volvo XC60 SUV is a Doggone Safe Car , about the pet cage installed in a Volvo of Phoenix XC60 SUV I received a personal note from the President of Volvo saying how much he enjoyed the article, and how Volvo does care about people and their beloved pets, including my dog “Docâ€.

Holiday Cheer for VolvoBeing in tune with the Christmas spirit, I perused the Volvo internet site and found a number of unique holiday recipes and craft projects. For those of you of like mind, our Ikea geniuses have posted some traditions that may be of interest.

lingonberry-wreath_Volvo The one I picked and plan to make is the Lingonberry Wreath. The wreath itself is not difficult and is rather plain. However, it is the history behind the Lingonberry wreath, part of the Swedish culture, which I enjoyed. Swedish girls wear Lingonberry wreaths with candles on their heads during the celebration of St. Lucia.

Whether Volvo invents a new safety device, creates a fun and exciting video where a celebrity star performs an incredible stunt split between trucks, or a DIY project we can all assemble and enjoy, I strongly urge automotive enthusiasts and car shoppers to test drive the Volvo products. There will come a day when someone says, “Hey Mom, can I borrow your S60?†and it will be the equivalent to, “Mom can I drive your ‘vette’ tonight?â€

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