2014 Dodge Durango Rallye RWD

2014 Dodge Durango Rallye RWD

Fold and Tumble…


Here in six weeks, yes six weeks, it will be back to the Arizona heat. But that is the good thing about living in Arizona; you are no more than a few hours away from beautiful mountain temps. If you can’t wait until summer to get out of town for the weekend, the 2014 Dodge Durango Rallye RWD proved to be the perfect car for a quick getaway to a snowy town.


The 3.6-liter Flex Fuel VB 24-Valve VVT engine and eight-speed automatic transmission, that helps boost fuel economy and acceleration, made the drive through the mountains a breeze. When bringing up the kids, there is nothing better than knowing your car is up for the challenge of the climbing elevation. The P265/50R20 BSW All-season tires and Anti-lock 4-Wheel-Disc brakes made for an easy ride throughout the slippery roads as well.

Thankfully, this 2014 Dodge Durango Rallye RWD lights up at night – illuminated scuff plates, LED headlamps, auto-dimming inside and white LED interior illumination make it easy to see the roads ahead and all the treats on the inside.

Best way to keep the kids entertained for the ride up? Throw in a movie! The rear-seat riders can now enjoy high-def video entertainment through screens mounted to the front seatbacks with separate HDMI and RCA jacks for each as well as an available Blu-Ray player. That is peace of mind for the kids and the driver!


One of the best things about the Dodge Durango Rallye RWD was the second-row chair fold and tumble captain’s chairs with the pass-through console, because there is nothing better than extra storage in a car! When we go up to the mountains we like to bring things to keep us entertained during the day – bikes, skis, sleds, etc. and we like to have our camping gear for the summer. If you have ever been camping with kids, you know that requires a lot of extra gear! It was nice to be able to pack up the car and still have enough room for all of us to make the drive comfortably.

The Dodge Durango Rallye RWD starts off at $29,995, with the model I tried out starting at $34.480. The Durango gets 17-mpg city and 25-mpg highway, which makes for a great trip up north! So get out of town for the weekend knowing you have the perfect car for the elements!

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