Look Mom! I’m an Author!

Look Mom! I’m an Author!


Phoenix Art Museum – December 8, 2014

Phoenix Automotive Press Association

It was an honor to be asked to be part of a panel of authors at the Phoenix Automotive Press Association meeting. However, I have no journalism degree, nor was I an English major. Actually, I don’t have a college degree at all. I started working full time out of High School at age 17(the same year I purchased the family car by myself) and haven’t stopped.

When an advertising executive in Phoenix suggested I write a book, I looked at him and said about what? My life was pretty normal, nothing to write home about… but he saw a book in me, and a way to let other women know that the male-dominated automotive industry, if looked at through my eyes, could give women a great buying experience.

So here I am with other authors; yes, I am the author of Do these High Heels make me look stupid?: A woman’s guide to buying a car without a guy. I stand here with my fellow Press Association members who also have written books.

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Left to right: Larry Edsall, Cathy Burford, Cathy Droz, Susanna Holt, Dwight Knowlton

CorvetteLarry Edsall – Author of over 2015_Chevrolet_Corvette_Z06_front_three_quarters215books about the automotive industry. He’s traveled the world, teaches journalism at ASU, and his latest best seller is Corvette which you can purchase on Amazon.com. Larry is a correspondent for classiccars.com, as well as other publications.


Cathy Burford:

Author of Tahoe, A Novel – A romance novel that takes place at the historic ThunderbirdLodge in Lake Tahoe. Her parents were caretakers at the lodge during the 1980’s. Cathy and her best friend decided that the setting (as seen on the cover) would be a great backdrop for a book. When completed and no publisher was interested at the time, the novel then sat in a drawer for 20 years. Upon the sudden death of Cathy’s friend, she decided to finish the book and self-publish in her honor. Available on Amazon.com


Cathy Droz

– My book is not sold on Amazon, it is onlysold on my websitewww.highheelscertified.com.

The books are also included in a marketing package for auto dealers who qualify to be High Heels Certified.

Susanna Holt

– Renowned sculptor, videographer, and polo player, she is currently researching and writing a book about her grandmother, the A1 Cadillac driver for the Alpine Trials in 1914. Susanna, a descendant of the prestigious Beecham family of the UK, intertwines a love story and historical data, proving that women could do it all in the enthralling world of the automobile. Hoping for an eventual screenplay, this might make Downton Abbey look tame. www.susannaholt.com[su_spacer size=05] [/su_spacer]

LittleDwight Knowlton – Dwight wanted a children’s book to share with his son about cars. After realizing Disney had cornered the market on that car thing, he wrote his own. Starting with Kick start and doing the graphics himself, Dwight hit it big with his now famous The Little Red Racing Car. With complete reference to his hero, Sir Stirling Moss (British Formula 1 race car driver), he is now collaborating with Sir Stirling on his next children’s book. To purchase Dwight’s book go to www.littleredracingcar.com

So there I was sitting between real authors, telling other people what inspired me, what I hoped to accomplish, and how my passion and purpose were in sync. I sure wish my mother was still alive, as she always inspired me to write with these words of wisdom, don’t worry about grammar or punctuation, just write down your thoughts, and be yourself. Thanks Mom… Look, I’m an author!!!

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