HER Certified

H-Honesty E-Excellence R-Respect

Giving Women What They Want in a Car Buying Experience

With over forty years in business, twenty in automotive, and countless years of research, I have introduced to the auto industry “HER Certified®” – a program that will not only meet, but exceed a woman’s expectations when buying or servicing a car.

What sets a HER Certified® dealership apart from the rest?

    1. HER Certified® Directors choose the dealerships that will become HER Certified® based on specific criteria:
      • – A desire to make their female customers their #1 priority
      • – Atmosphere of the dealership, or a willingness to improve based on evaluation
      • – Percentage of women employed in key positions
      • – Amenities beyond standard industry
      • – Community Involvement – Cause Marketing
      • – Events – Book Distribution
      • – Social Media presence
    2. HER Certified® Studio, a welcoming center for women within the dealership, your home away from home where you are treated like a guest
    3. HER Academy trained sales and service staff, who have been certified to work with female customers, are available and will guide you through your car buying experience
    4. The entire HER Certified® program has been created to give women exactly what they have been asking for: Honesty, Excellence and Respect


HER Certified® Licensed Dealers

For further questions contact info@hercertified.com. To Order Cathy’s Book in print or e-book go to www.amazon.com.

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